25-26-27-28-29-30 SEPTEMBER 2019

Yoga Retreats are always a wonderful time to take care of ourselves!
Every year we create some more Magic! September 2019 will be at the wonderful French Retreat in Bordeaux!

It will be a peaceful experience for anyone looking to find stillness, reconnect with themselves, learn something new or deepen their yoga practice!

During those days, we will be practicing Yoga every day.
These days of yoga will teach you how to understand the connection between your body, mind & emotions; how to connect with the postures; how to calm down your thoughts; how to connect with your center; how to breathe and the importance of your breath; how to bring your Yin and Yang in balance; how to open your energy flow.

Al of this will happen with daily practice and some lectures.
You will have daily morning breathing exercises with meditation, followed by the energizing sun salutations of the hatha, at lunch you can experience some vinyasa flow and at night you will have a deep yin practice with some relaxing yoga Nidra.
There will be free moments of relaxation to digest the practices.
Next to that you can follow some lectures about the yoga philosophy & the importance of breathe.

Do you love yoga, nature, sun, great healthy food, swimming pool & France? Come and join us!

The retreat will take place at the French Retreat with the breathtaking views of this peaceful place in nature!

Between classes and during free time you can enjoy the swimming pool of the retreat place, explore walking routes & bicycle routes, go to river beaches & evening markets, and many more!

This 5 days of yogaclasses will be lead by Yoga instructor Sarah Jabloune.

You can travel there by car, train or plane!

Prices: (exclusive the transport costs. Breakfast, lunch & diner all inclusive)
Single bed in a shared room 855€/pp
Twin bed for 2 persons to share 795€/pp
Single room for 1 person 1295€/pp

Retreat highlights:
– Daily Pranayama & Morning meditation
– Daily morning Hatha & Evening Yin Yoga
– A flow of Vinyasa yoga
– A taste of Yoga Nidra
– Inclusive daily healthy (vegetarian) breakfast, lunch & dinner.
– 5 nights accommodation`
– 2 lectures
– Free time.

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7-8-9 FEBRUARY 2020

Next winter we have a renewed exclusive yoga weekend on the schedule at Saja Yoga!
This time we are going to Chateau Frandeux!

Together with Yoga teacher Sarah Jabloune we will immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of yoga.
During this weekend you will find a balance between the dynamic and the quieter forms of yoga. You will experience the importance of a balance in Yin & Yang. A balance between “Strong & steady, yet soft and receptive”. All this combined with meditation & breathing awareness. Sarah will let you taste different forms of yoga. The practice will be challenging & relaxing at the same time. This on a physical, mental and emotional level. In this way Sarah wants to bring people closer to themselves. She always looks forward to sharing her passion with you during the yoga weekends.

Every morning we start the day with meditation, pranayama and a Hatha yoga session to gently awaken our body and in the evening we end with Yin yoga to relax again.

During this weekend we combine breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation (dhyana), sun salutations (Surya namaskar), postures (asanas) and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation).
By getting to work with our body in a gentle and respectful way, we create space in our body and mind that we need to feel good.

This location has a large beautiful yoga room.

In addition, in your free time between lessons, you can also fully enjoy the beautiful sauna and infrared cabin overlooking the lake. As a refreshment, lovers can take a dip in the lake.

A great deal of attention has been paid to the design of all rooms in the château to create a peaceful environment with materials that have the least possible impact on the environment.
The tastefully decorated rooms have a beautiful view of the forest or the lake.

An experienced group cook will provide the yogis with delicious vegetarian meals during this weekend.

Chateaux Frandeux is quietly located on the edge of the Belgian Ardennes. The domain is located in a tranquil nature area, in the woods, and connected to a beautiful lake by means of a small waterfall.
Adjacent to the lake is 25 hectares of private forest with a beautiful stream valley where you can walk undisturbed and enjoy what the seasons have to offer. There is a lot of wildlife in the area, including wild boar, deer, foxes, martens and ermines. There are beautiful old beech and oak trees and there are two large meadows in the forest.

Retreat highlights:
– Daily Pranayama & Morning meditation
– Daily morning Hatha & Evening Yin Yoga
– A flow of Vinyasa yoga
– A taste of Yoga Nidra
– Inclusive healthy (vegetarian & Biological) breakfast (x2), lunch (x2) & dinner (x2).
– 2 nights accommodation`
– Sauna & Infrared Cabine
– Beautiful nature, Lake and Forest

Prices:(exclusive the transport costs. Breakfast, lunch & diner all inclusive)

285€ Double Bed Comfort /pp

325€ Separate beds 2 pers Comfort /pp
345€ Separate beds 2pers Luxe (+douche in kamer)/pp

375€ Single bed/single Room Basic
395€ Single bed/single Room Comfort
425€ Single bed/single Room Luxe (+douche in kamer)

For more info or booking mail or call: